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Hey there, I'm Shreya!
I am a Product Designer based in Seattle working to make your life easier.
Currently @Roblox, previously @Colgate
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Roblox Design Internship 2022

Redefining the Trading User Flow

How might we improve the discoverability and usability of the trading feature to encourage premium users to exchange limited items with each other?

Adobe Creative Jam Design Hackathon 2021

Learn New Hobbies

How might we empower people to learn and teach new hobbies to each other to help foster communities and share skills in a pandemic?

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Classroom Based Design Project 2021

Reflect in Relationships

How might we encourage partners in a relationship to reflect in a structured manner that is both effective and rewarding?

Classroom Based Design Project 2020

Connecting in the Pandemic

How might we make it easier for college students to meet their peers in a safe, online environment due to remote learning?

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