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redefining trading

during my twelve week internship at Roblox, I spent the majority of my time working on the end to end process of redefining the trading user flow that exists on the platform today on mobile.
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problem statement

Currently, users who have a Premium subscription and own limited items have the ability to trade those items with other users. This feature is hard to discover, and the overall flow is confusing to navigate. How might we redefine the trading user flow to make the feature more discoverable, intuitive, and engaging for premium users and those looking to upgrade?

project goals

My design recommendation aims to help users make more informed decisions about trade offers and requests, improve the visibility and understanding of trading overall, and increase the number of users who actively trade on the platform.




Summer 2022 (12 weeks)
Roblox Internship

Design Intern in Economy team

UX Research
UI Design / Prototyping
Usability Testing

User Centered Case Study
High Fidelity Mockup
Mobile User Interface

understanding impact

Everything in Avatar Marketplace 2.0 is going to have a predetermined quantity, meaning that users will have to trade for an item or purchase from a reseller in order to acquire that item. The following are current metrics that I hoped to improve.


Only 1 in 82 trades were completed successfully in the last month

Out of 131k Premium users with
limited items, only 22k have traded

the current user flow

Before redefining the trading user flow I had to understand the product as it exists today. I started with acquiring limited
items and tried to complete a trade from the point of view of a user. The following are the pain points I experienced.

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