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whiz is a desktop application that allows people to create a profile with their interests to join free online events hosted by other users to learn, teach, and practice hobbies while making connections.
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challenge brief

Live streaming is one way to tap into knowledge, but how can this sharing become truly omnidirectional? In other words, how can communities help each other connect the dots between multiple sources? That is your challenge for this Creative Jam!

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design solution

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With all of the social media exposure today, many interactions are based on likes, comments, and numbers with a general disconnect between audience and creator. With whiz, users are able to attend or host events to converse with others all while learning more about and practicing new or existing skills.




March 2021 (7 days)
Design Challenge
Adobe Creative Jam

UX Research
Rapid Prototyping
User Interface Design

High Fidelity Mockup
Desktop User Interface



Zubaida Al

Shreya Senthil




The first step of our process was conducting research by scheduling two semi-structured interview sessions to understand the wants and needs of the user. We found that while learning new things and sharing content is not hard, it is often hard to stay committed and motivated through short recorded videos currently available.



We created personas to integrate our findings into real-life scenarios faced by the user. Jessica is a single mom, small business owner who is looking to share her talent, while Daniel is a new grad determined to learn life skills.

Design Requirements

design requirements

We complied design requirements based on our findings to give us direction​. This criterion was selected on the basis of aiming to create a platform for people to engage and connect in real-time without focusing on quantifiable data.

Low Fidelity Prototype

low fidelity prototype

For the first iteration of our interface, we created basic wireframes to demonstrate creating an account, accessing events, searching, viewing profiles, hosting events, and registering for events.

User Evaluation

user evaluation

We implemented change after observing the user interacted with our prototype. Three main changes can be found below where the left is the initial design and the right is the new screen. The changed featured is denoted with a star.​​

image 9.png
MIMO copy.png
image 10.png

Add a feature be able to create a collage of photos, videos, and links to customize your event thumbnail to your preference

image 7.png
MIMO copy.png
image 8.png
Font & Color

Add a feature to be able to distinguish between profiles that are small businesses versus other user accounts

image 5.png
MIMO copy.png
image 6.png

Add a feature to be able to clearly see how many spots are left in an event while registering to attend

key screens

The following key screens are creating a profile specific to your interests, the home screen, search bar, finding items based on interest, location, and/or age, your profile, hosting events, and registering for events. Here you can see high-level design details of the user interface.

High Fidelity Prototype

high fidelity prototype

We implemented final changes and added interactions to demonstrate how the prototype would function and live in a real-world setting.



Looking back at our project, we are proud of the work we were able to produce in the short seven days given to complete this challenge. That being said, in the future we hope to spend more time on the research portion of the project. This initial phase of conducting interviews and observations is vital to understand not only our users but the market as well. Focusing on the initial research as well as more extensive usability testing will allow us to truly put user needs at the center of the product. However, given the limited research, I am confident we did a good job incorporating the user feedback to make our website intuitive to understand and useful in practice. 

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